Install Google Play Store for BlackBerry10 (Z10/Q10/Q5/Z30/Z3/Passport/Classic/Leap)

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Get Google Play Store for BlackBerry LEAP Z10 Z30 Q10 Q5 Z3 Passport Classic Venice/ PRIV

Google Play Store Files UPDATED; 8th January 2016
-CLICK on Adfly link to GET THE 3 FILES
-HIT “skip ad”

OS 10.3/ 10.3.1/ 10.3.2/ 10.3.3 use this link



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38 Comments on Install Google Play Store for BlackBerry10 (Z10/Q10/Q5/Z30/Z3/Passport/Classic/Leap)

  1. I updated an app and after that i keep getting a pop-up that says the app wont run without google play services, which are missing from your phone. I have the google play store app and it all works fine except for this app after it updated. Do you have any ideas how to get around this problem. its the ADTpulse app and I really miss it.

  2. This tutorial is awesome… it works well for my Blackberry Leap. The only problem is I face now I can't uninstall my Fitbit…I remove the thumbnail in the device..But in the play store still shows it is in my device…I can't find any of it in the phone now and I can't uninstall it as it keep crash my play store. =(

  3. i installed the whatsapp apk for android on my blackberry q5 everything works fine but i cant send pictures to my friends everytime if i want to retry it, it just breaksup can someone help me ?

  4. Hola, tengo un problema, no puedo desinstalar apps que ya no deseo, le doy en desinstalar y me pregunta si quiero hacerlo y le doy aceptar y empieza el proceso pero inmediatamente se cierra el play store sin hacer la desinstalacion. Que puedo hacer? Ya que tengo muchas apps que quiero eliminar… saludos y espero su ayuda

  5. please help me please .i have installed google play store but i am unable to install app from it.whenever i open play store it shows that unfortunately google play store has stopped.please help me

  6. Thanks Babe! This tutorial just helped me again! I just 'security wipe' my blackberry! I once installed it all.. and made it! I just lost how to do it again.. so I searched it again on youtube, so this baby appeared again as very sweet reminder for me! Did It Again! Very HELPFUL! Keep Up ur amazing Work! 😉 Success&Love!

  7. You don't need two step verification on. Google automatically detected my BlackBerry and asked if I wanted to add it to my list of devices. After downloading the files, it literally took 5 minutes to setup. Works very well. However, certain apps do not run because of compatibility issues. That's not a problem though

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