Instagram has 500 million users right now, and 300 million daily users

Instagram has 500 million users right now, and 300 million daily users

The mobile photo and video sharing social network Instagram is seeing its users increase day after day. In 2014 it had around 300 million monthly active users but no sooner had passed a year in 2015 another 100 million users swarmed on its platform.

Now, while the current year still has less than six months left, the social network Instagram is claiming that from last September to till now, within nine months, another 100 million monthly individuals have joined this giant social platform to share their photos and videos with their friends and families, which means that per month 500 million users utilize this Facebook-owned social network.

Furthermore, you will be surprised to hear that according to Instagram it has confirmed that every day a whopping 300 million individuals post or share their photos and videos on Instagram, and the interesting thing is that only approximately 20% of them are from America but within that 20% of users, 5% are not based in America, while rest of them are from other countries.


Obviously, Instagram is still a long way from the client quantities of Facebook’s other properties like WhatsApp that has gone past 1 billion, with Messenger being close at 900 million; by the way, all of their boss Facebook itself has more than 1.6 billion of fans.

However, year after year Instagram is passing one milestone after another, it clearly shows that the world’s biggest social network inventor Mark Zuckerberg didn’t make a mistake acquiring Instagram.


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