Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

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The microSD slot has returned in the Samsung Galaxy S7! You’ll find a space for it in a tandem tray for the nano SIM as well. This is a quick look at how that all works and a tip to be extra careful.

20 Comments on Inserting SIM and SD Card in Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

  1. Is a sim card required for this phone? If it is does one come with your phone or where would you buy a sim card? I've never owned a phone that uses a sim card so I know nothing about them and I'm planning on maybe buying this phone

  2. how important is it to get a micro sd card that has UHS-3? Is it really necessary to be able to record good 4k video on the S7? Or will a UHS-1 high performance micro sd card do just as well?

  3. This guy takes a 20 second procedure & makes a 5 minute video out of it. I was like, c'mon already ! He could always type any add'l precautions or background info in the description !

  4. I was about to flip my shit until I saw this video, and then I downloaded a sketch ass theme and realized I had bigger problems trying to figure out how to unistall it lol

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