Injustice iOS | UPDATE 2.6!

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35 Comments on Injustice iOS | UPDATE 2.6!

  1. Hello, I will glitch accounts for free… By the way you need your own account. The glitched account comes with 10 million coins and all cards…
    Add me on kik to get you acount glitched my kik is Dat_Boy_Marz no scam I swear??.

  2. Will there be a hack for v 2.6 using iFunBox? I honestly dont care to hack I just want to put my old save onto my other iDevice. Is this possible with IOS 9.0.2 my device is Jailbroken and I have iFunBox but every time I try to do this it does not work. Can you please help?

  3. 3 things…1) you are a hacker…you get all the characters and a butt load of power credits and aliinace credit 2) you are terrible….i mean you should know which heroes/villians have the power drain ability on one of their specials..and the fact to you have 120 million credits and did not promote or upgrade you cards shows your lack of planning…3) reitterating that you are a hacker….not cool bro…if you want to be good at the game maybe earn credits by buying them or earning them through battle like everyone else. and get you character by buying them like everyone else instead of taking the easy and low road.

  4. They should add Supergirl I would love to have her with CW Flash and Arrow. They should also add CW Deathstroke and CW Supergirl villain those 2 would be great with the reverse flash.

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