Injustice iOS | Big News Part 2!

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What do you think the news is?!

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36 Comments on Injustice iOS | Big News Part 2!

  1. It has to be multiplayer because it says are you better then your friends at the injustice mobile prove it big news coming to injustice mobile this week. Also they put some of the best players 50 percent off´╗┐

  2. They should add pink slips so you can play for players like in FIFA and a world wide trading center with you can sell any card of yours for money and u would have to make a bid or you can buy now´╗┐

  3. i rather see a massive character addition (like adding all the MK characters) to the game than a multiplayer…
    MP will suck in this game… especially with RWW's passive or AO+batgirl combo….´╗┐

  4. Maybe marvel vs capcom?? Nd plus i wouldnt mind mortal combat characters they can add a whole new mode for us to unlock characters nd i dont they will relise multiplayer yet cause some player dont have the op cards ´╗┐

  5. I agree with the last picture, if the picture from before showed injustice characters and no mk characters, it obviously means no mk vs dc, there's already a video game on that!

  6. If they're adding mortal kombat characters, it would be bad imo. They should changed the name and if they have time to add mortal kombat characters, why can't they add new dc characters? -_-´╗┐

  7. I don't think they'll be adding all the Mortal Kombat characters :/
    It'll probably be new characters (like the silver Raven), new packs (possibly new battles), etc…
    I don't really see them adding Marvel characters, this is a DC game-ish. ´╗┐

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