Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Patch 2.0 Farming Credits and XP Tips and Tricks

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we start off by doing a Mass Destruction from Containment Doomsday.

Since a lot of people ask the same question over and over again, and after going through a good portion of Bonus Battle 7, it’s pretty safe to say the following:

1) Bonus Battle 6 is still better for farming Credits
2) At 26,300XP a fight, Bonus Battle 7 is better for farming XP once you are Level 44

Optimal Credit Farming Route:
Battle 5(Any Level)
Battle 18(One Level 10+ Gold, Level 20+ Silver)
Battle 25(At least one Level 20+ Gold)
Battle 32(At least two Level 20+ Gold, or one Level 30 Gold)
Battle 36(At least one Level 20 Gold, 2 are optimal in higher battles until at least…

36 Comments on Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Patch 2.0 Farming Credits and XP Tips and Tricks

  1. I like your videos
    But I have lvl 49 batman and nightwing new52 no elites and I recently got batman Arkham orgins and hes lvl 34 no elites
    And its hard to get them to elite 1 is there a way I coud farm credits fast so I could get them to higher elites
    can you help me with this cause I want to get my characters to higher elite lvls 

  2. i am just saying here if you have have a gold character when you are in the first two stages of the game as in the first two boss fights then you are a cheating bastard either you used the thing with the ma credits thing or you bought your credits to get the gold card 

  3. I deleted this game and recently installed it again and lost all my cards so I had to start again.. Right now I have gold Batman promoted once and he is at level 40+, gold Doomsday just level 40+ and gold Superman Regime also at level 40+ what's the best battle for me to farm credits?

  4. i can farm off of bonus battle 5 with this team(going by health lowest to highest):
    Level 40 Batman, Level 48 Shazam, and Level 45 Elite 2 Godfall Superman, and get through the battles pretty easily well that's my team roster for farming that. 
    (Good XP farm is online battles depending on level it can rank up fairly  quicky for me almost 8k XP.)

  5. As of right now, my credit farm is Battle 30. Battle 30 is a really good farm for me because I don't have elite 5's (Highest stat card is Teen Titans Cyborg at elite 4 15k damage 35k health), it would still be really easy if you used a team of unpromoted gold cards at lvl 30, it only requires 2 energy per character, so that's 5 out of the 7 fights in that battle, and you get 1k power credits per fight. The last two fights can be challenging for unpromoted gold cards (due to regime superman's unblock able heat vision and doomsday's ability), so what you would do at the end of the 5th fight is switch battles so that your current status on that battle is removed, switch out the tired cards with fresh ones and go back into battle 30 and repeat the process. Trust me it's really effective with credit and challenge credit farming, and it feeds XP until lvl 30 so it can bring up lvls quite a bit as well.

  6. Hey Hollywood what battle should I do to get cash I got a team of promoted 7 flash lvl 47,lvl 46 darksied,and lvl 32 nightwing promoted 5 I also got a few unpromoted cards and promoted 1 lobo and black Adam gold 

  7. Wow. Thank you haha. I have honestly been looking every where for some pointers and a guide towards helping us legit players. I'd like to let you know with the help of this I got Shazam the other day with the credits I have earned haha. Now it's time to really start farming and Maxing Shazam out! I subbed and I hope to see a lot more from you HollywoodShono! Thank you again! Cheers!

  8. Hey man. I got a question. How do you get Batman Beyond? I heard it was doing the Metropolis transitions online multiplayer on console. I tried doing it on a private match with a friend on Xbox Live, but that didn't work. Then I just used my other controller and played against myself and that didn't work. I did all of these with Batman Beyond and Knightfall Bane on the console
    . I just give up already! Can u help me?

  9. So do you use recharges or no? I have my Doomsday, Nightwing, and Deathstroke (all gold) and I want to promote them but they are so much! I really wanna promote my Deathstroke but he's 211k how am I going to get that? Just farming these battles over and over again? Anyway thx better get started 

  10. this helps a lot. earlier i decided to just keep doing battle 18 over and over and its pretty good but i need more xp for my newer gold cards so i might do battle 36 a few times to lvl up them and then do battle 32 a lot. Thanks Shono, because of you i can progress in this game. the only problems i have is #1 i keep spending my credits to soon. and #2 my kindle fire battery keeps getting drained, because of hours of gameplay ;)

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