Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Farming Credits Tips and Tricks

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we talk about farming credits and how to effectively farm both credits and XP.

There are two types of farms, credit farming, and XP farming. How you choose to farm depends on what you are looking to accomplish. Bonus Battle 6 is the best at both until your cards hit Level 44, at which point Bonus Battle 7 now gives more XP, but is much more difficult to complete. You can get decent XP(About 20,000) at Level 44, but at 45, Battle 47 gives you more XP, and will…

28 Comments on Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Farming Credits Tips and Tricks

  1. I did some simple maths to get the credit per energy for some battles listed in the discription, if you finish the entire battle.
    Here are the results.
    Key: CPE- Credit per energy.
    Battles: normal: 36: 162 CPE
    32: 221 CPE
    25: 181 CPE
    18: 141 CPE
    5: 126 CPE
    bonus: 5: 331 CPE

    So in short out of all of these battles I listed bonus battle 5 gives the most credits per energy if you finish the whole fight.

  2. GUYS or Shono, I'm in desperate help for update 2.8 and i just can't get anything good, I'm stuck on battle 24 or 25 with silver Wonder Woman insurgency batman and batman, should be good right? WRONG they are actually not the best and if ANYBODY could please help on how to get credits at this the level I'm at, that would be so amazing!! And if u have an inactive account may I please have it? I sound like a beggar but I'm just stuck and need help :D

  3. How many times a day do you do this? I only have my red son team max elite 7, but now Im working on AO Bats and Darkseid, I dont have raven or any other op challenge cards most people use

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