Injustice Gods Among Us iOS – Augmentation and Survivor Mode Tips and Tricks

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we run several tests on Augmentations, and we talk about some great characters for Survival based on the knowledge we have.

One very important thing to note, while Metahuman The Flash has the best overall stat allocation at 1200/1200, someone like Containment Doomsday who is 700/600, or Boss Solomon Grundy with 550 base Damage, the Augmentation gear items affect EVERYONE the same.

Darkseid at Level 50 Elite VII gets 314 Damage from a Major Damage Augmentation item. 292 Health from a Medium Health…

20 Comments on Injustice Gods Among Us iOS – Augmentation and Survivor Mode Tips and Tricks

  1. i augmented AKBatman's critical chance to 24% however neither basic nor the special attacks are doing any critical damage..can anyone tell me why is this happening?is it supposed to be like that?

  2. Very good info video. I've been focusing all my aug cards on one card at a time to see how high I can go on health and damage. I saw a AKBM with 50 damage and 100 health so far.

  3. Hi HollywoodShono, I realise that those damage/health augmentation cards doesn't work in online battle matches. I am using android. Not sure about IOS. Could you kindly test this out in the online battle mode. Thank you.

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