India Wants Apple Stores in Their Land but Not Refurbished iPhones to Sell

India Wants Apple Stores in Their Land but Not Refurbished iPhones to Sell

A few weeks ago, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made a visit to India for numerous purposes, one of them being selling refurbished iPhones, but unfortunately the Indian government was reluctant to give permission to Apple selling refurbished iPhones in India, regarding this, the Commerce and Industry Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said “We would not be in favour of whatever you may call them — used but refashioned, remodelled, updated… used goods.”


A week back, the finance administration’s foreign investment board was against such a move, questioning whether Apple agrees to the standard of offering no under than 30% of Indian sourced products, in case it expected to open its store in India. The organization’s demand was declined after it didn’t give any evidence to reinforce its claim to being a “state of the art” product.

Apple has been knocking frequently for less costly refurbished iPhones and opening branded stores in India, remembering the deciding objective to grow its closeness in one of the world’s speediest developing mobile phone markets. India was also the only growth spot in Apple’s sales in the last quarter, with the country recording 56% growth.

It looks as though India has no intention of being Apple’s refurbished iPhone market, and Apple has to oblige to what they demand.


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