If the rumors are true about the iPhone 7 I won’t upgrade this year

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Here is a carvlog about the iPhone 7 rumors and why I won’t upgrade this year if they are true.

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Gear used:
iPhone 6s plus (recording)
iPad Air 2 (editing)
Rode smartlav+ or Shure MOTIV MV5 microphones (recording)
iMovie (editing)
Over (thumbnails)

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3 Comments on If the rumors are true about the iPhone 7 I won’t upgrade this year

  1. I agree. I recently replaced my 6S with the SE and I'm very happy that I did. I love using this super powerful little guy for my everyday things. If I have to sit back and relax wanting to read something on a bigger screen I'm thinking of getting an iPad Pro or even an iPad Mini at this point, and not a new iPhone, especially if it really looks like on the leaked images.
    Second important thing that made me change phone and pass to the SE is the form factor. The newer iPhones are slippery, like a bar of soap. If the new design doesn't take care of that, I'm sorry but I'm not upgrading either.

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