I KEEP THE BLACKBERRY (Classic 1 Year after)

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Hey everyone! Today I’ll tell you why I’ll stick to my beloved BlackBerry and why i could not imagine going to another phone/os.

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40 Comments on I KEEP THE BLACKBERRY (Classic 1 Year after)

  1. my question is: it makes sense now to buy a bb 10? I would like but the fact he based app will no longer be supported puts me mti doubts. as well as the 'support blackberry … embarrassing

  2. You sold me, you blonde, rich, nordic guy.
    Had 9900 and I always had keyboard problems with that one. Some keys would need more pressure than others. Hope it won't be the case with Classic.

  3. Hey ! Ich habe momentan noch ein iPhone 4, würde aber total gerne ein blackberry besitzen vor allem wegen der Tastatur. Allerdings kann ich mich nicht zwischen dem q10 und dem classic entscheiden, da preislich ja schon ein größerer Unterschied herrscht und ich mich mit blackberrys überhaupt nicht auskenne.. Welches findest du persönlich besser? Danke :)

  4. I have a question that may be simple but I'm not real smart. Do you know if I can set my BlackBerry Classic so that all calls are silent except for the ones on my contact list? Thank you in advance for your time.

  5. Do you still use the Classic today? I'm thinking of getting one to replace my Leap but with support for BB10 going away soon, I'm not sure if I should wait for Blackberry's Android keyboard phone.

  6. It's a very nice looking phone, but Blackberry is all but dead now. Had they released a phone like this in 2008,2009, they wouldn't be the shell of a company they are now. Their first touch screen phone, the (shit)Storm was an epic disaster and they never recovered. Blackberrry has earned their fate.

  7. It is not wise to compare a BB with an android or apple, BB is a classic, it's old school no doubt, but reliable, simple and built solid. I switched to android a few months ago and really miss my BB phone. Having said that, I may never go back to a BB again.

  8. Hi, I find your videos very informative and also most importantly the calmness and the right tone with which you talk. There is no point in bashing one thing over the other as that doesn't enhances or disables any features! Whats true will remain true be it for BlackBerry or Android or etc… At last I wanna ask you why on earth is it sooo difficult for BB to have 100 top apps in its native system? Cause apps is the only and only reason BB10 failed to capture the market!

  9. I've had the bb q10, really loved it till he dead. I'm using an android right now, but I would really like to buy a bb classic. The only thing that makes me doubt, is that whats app will not be available anymore at the end of 2016. Is it possible to download it in the amazon appstore or google play store on a bb classic? Are there more apps that will not be available anymore?

  10. the phone is great, with the best keyboard ever. the problem lies in the software, you won't even have whatsapp by the end of the year, and not to even mention about other apps. bb10 just entered the market late, too late. it is a platform built to fail. sad but true. i loved my blackberry, but just time to say good bye.

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