Huawei’s next smartphone will launch on September 1

Huawei’s next smartphone will launch on September 1

Huawei has fixed its next smartphone’s launching date on September 1, according to Gsmarena, the tech blog site has reported that it has received an invitation letter from this Chinese tech giant where it mentioned in the letter that the launching ceremony will take place on the evening of IFA 2016 in the German city of Berlin.

The report also said that Huawei presumably wishes to launch its new Mate smartphone before Apple announces its next smartphone iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7. This Chinese tech company Huawei doesn’t want to get any disappointment on its new phone after the launching of Apple’s next most exciting smartphone of the year. Perhaps, it is an obvious thing that after announcing the world’s most attractive smartphone by Apple, initially, it will be very hard for other smartphone companies to divert consumers attention towards them to look at their smartphones.

However, after the big success of Huawei’s Mate 8 phablet from last year which was announced in November, now Huawei is desperately looking forward to exceeding another milestone with its new smartphone Mate 9.


Possibly, Huawei was propelled by Samsung’s persistent moves to push its Note dispatches marginally nearer to those of the S-arrangement leaders, as the report indicates.

Anyway, as the announcement is still two months away, therefore, no details have been revealed yet about Huawei’s up-coming smartphone but we are expecting to get leaks or rumors within a couple of weeks.

The IFA 2016 in Berlin will be held during 2nd of September to 7th of September.


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