Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

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In-depth camera test between the Huawei P9 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Lets find out how does the P9 stack up against the unbeatable Galaxy S7 Edge. Enjoy.

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36 Comments on Huawei P9 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

  1. The P9 has a much better front facing camera but the rest the s7's 12mp camera beats it in daylight and night shots in both video and stills. The s7 is still the best camera phone at the moment.

  2. nice video! thanks a lot. you know, I was looking for a phone for my girlfriend's birthday and the P9 really got my attention: I love the design, the materials, the 5.2 inch screen, and despite what lots of people say, I personally find the EMUI good enough, ok it's no stock android, but…c'mon, only nexus/motorola have it so…my major concern was the camera department.
    I thought this leica co-engineering stuff was more about the marketing than substance, and lots of youtubers shows that this P9 hasn't the camera that they claimed to be a "game-changer" (especially the video recording part..) but looking at this footage…well, it's not as good as the s7' one…(low light conditions, level of details, time to focus bla bla bla) but not bad, not bad at all. in other reviews it seems to be so freaking shaky when you record video, but this one didn't seem to be so terrible…did you use a speciale stand to hold the two device in your hand at the same time, or something to help you hold the phone better? or maybe you just have a much more steady hand than the others…LOL.
    I know there are lots of differetn modes in the camera app, the pro mode, the selective focus…alright, but, cna I ask how does it perform in more classic "point and shot" situation. I know that twiking all the different settings you can really have a good photos, even in low light if you use the night mode, and a tripode…but you will agree, that not everybody goes around with a tripode in their pocket…so…for a casual use, how does it stand out against the competition? not only s7, but..hmm..G5, nexus 6P and so on…do you think is a good (but more important easy) camera experience even for people who just need something to take a picture on the fly and still having a good image quality?
    thanks man, i'll subscribe to yoru channel ;)

  3. Thank you very much for your in-depth camera test. It is very useful for many of us.

    For video taking using front camera, both P9 and S7 do the great job on bright environment. However, during low light environment, P9 white balance gets a bit blue on the video while S7 gets more brighter and details. I like the audio recording from the P9. The bass level of P9 is much heavier than S7 and the bandwidth of the sound seems more wider than S7.

    For video taking by rear camera, both quality is very outstanding. S7 video seems more stabilized when you slightly jumped up. Again, P9 looked more darker video during low light condition.

    For photo taking by front camera, again both camera do the great job. Again P9 pictures looked more blue in colour during low light environment and darker.
    For photo taking by rear camera. It seems the image of S7 were more sharper than P9 as I can see the flower and wood grain.

  4. hawei is taking large steps every year…Im expecting them to be no.1 in year or two. For now they got few good phones, like mate series…this p9 too…samsung should be carefull.

  5. microphone sensor is exactly like the p7 it never picked anything up awful i got rid of it as it ruined many videos for me of my children playing they were more or less silent it failed to record hardly any sounds and just destorted on anything of a loud volume looks like the p9 is just as bad think i will stick with my old LG v10 superior mic on that thing shame its a bit too large but it blows this away! great comparison though but is it just me or is the P9 just dire its just dreadful.

  6. Congratulations for the review! Super Complete! P9 has a best zoom, you can see at the video in fornt of the sea. S7 has a better color balance, I think. P9 gain the zoom mode in video, and the filed of flowers the more hot images gives a nicer view, and the face of the kids in the park has better color too. But, in all I guess S7 is better, it's just see the night images and the tree image close in the end of the noon.

  7. The galaxy has a better stereophonic sound and a better sharpness of pictures and videos but it makes it all much less alive and depth is gone. And as I keep on comparing between different phones, I end up thinking none of these phones really reach the quality for the price we're paying for. Ok, nice video colors, sound sucks, nice sound, stabilization sucks…still haven't found a winwin phone category yet, though each and every dollar of mine is equal to 100% quality …..Anyway, awesome review and very helpful, thank you so much!

  8. That p9 exposes like a champ!
    Hey, L BS, did you shoot the video at full HD 30 fps? I am asking because from other reviews I have seen the video on the p9 looks very shaky (shot at FHD 60 fps I assume), while with your video it is pretty stable. That makes me wonder if the phone has EIS for FHD 30 fps, but not for FHD 60 fps.
    And one more thing – can you download a third party camera app and see if it can record 4k? I can suggest Open Camera, for example.
    Thanks for the great content, awesome work!

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