Huawei P9 vs HTC 10 – Speed Test! (4K)

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Huawei P9 vs HTC 10 speed test comparison!

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46 Comments on Huawei P9 vs HTC 10 – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. That more or less showed that the WIFI signal is bad on HTC 10 compared to a full signal on the Huawei. Doesn't show hardware speeds but moreso that HTC 10 WIFI signal sucks. DO a test when both have full signal. Just saying .

  2. good Video,but as a Chinese ,i an not very satisfied with the brand aithough HuaWei has made lots of improvements since then.sadly ,i cannot use google service in China.So in China ,Android user may buy new iphone because its smoothly system.

  3. I was expecting the 10 to be actually slower because or NAND and resolution, but the difference it's only evident on some games (the biggest one, San Andreas, loaded even slightly faster) and it's not actually big enough. On daily use apps the difference is almost not perceptible unless you get both phones side by side lol. Not to mention the 10 has 4GB of RAM, so you can keep almost everything on RAM forever as long as you don't restart the phone or start opening games, so this the difference becomes even less significant, as we've seen the 10 to have a very good RAM management and multi tasking response.

  4. +xeetechcare you should maximize the draw distance in GTA
    Even my Qmobile A600 with a 1.2Ghz A7 with a Mali 450 used to play GTA smoothly, when draw distance was default
    try to maximize the brightness and draw distance, that would give you an idea b/w performance

  5. The huawei p9 seems to be the first huawei's phone that I might buy. It has perfect camera, awesome performance, but I still hate the Emolution UI. Vanilla android rocks :)

  6. Another proof that HTC 10 NAND is too slow compared to others. Lol i feel sorry for who ever fell for the hype and didn't do their research about this slow-arse phone with terrible display.

  7. Nice comparison, no surprise the P9 is slightly faster (mainly with games) due to its lower screen resolution. Doesn't the HTC have an option to lower the resolution to 1080p for games? The screen looks much nicer on the HTC though.

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