Huawei P10 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)

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Huawei P10 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test comparison.

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41 Comments on Huawei P10 vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. If someone says " huawei is faster ":
    This guy dont really have a brain. There is a only max 2 seconds difference and when you are living your daily life you dont make fuck with it.

  2. this is silly, its more of a testament to iOS vs Android than it is of Huawei vs iPhone. Especially the boot loading, which means NOTHING because they are both loading up completely different files and kernels. Its like buying a $150 chromebook and saying its faster because it booted up faster than a macbook.. well no crap. it doesn't have much to load. ZZZZ. thumbs down all around for this very half baked "speed test"

  3. i can buy an iPhone 7 but for the price i think is not à good idea in 2017 huwai and Samsung is very nice phones and comparable with a big screen the s8 have Just better look and very premium the level of Apple and p10 fast and really good choice for price its premium and New look fresh and simple is really good i go monday to buy a phone i live in france and We subscrib at the verizon of France name is orange price of p10 is 109euros ! s7 169e and s8 360e iPhone7 460 euros for this price you have every month 45 euros for communication forfait and 8euros to pay every month for 2 years for every phones you need and What is the Best choice for you ??! I think the p10…

  4. Am not sure if I was the one with the problem but there was a point where the iPhone was beaten and this guy said that it was the the iPhone won. From 4:05 when he is testing the web browsing and specifically GSM Arena.

  5. I am getting the P10 in 2 weeks! I just got my hands on it and I would love to own one. It is a phone that is very handy, the screen might be smaller than what I am used to using but I fell in love how Huawei has made the device. It is very solid and powerful! ?

  6. fanboy of apple not objective and u cant do speed test with hands idiot and u dont have any tehnical education and huawei p10 is better go cry in your room bcs huawei is bettrr

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