Huawei Nexus 6P vs Apple Iphone 6S ( Mid-range or flagship )

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Inspired design, inside and out
A 5.7-inch, high-resolution WQHD AMOLED display and front-facing stereo speakers — all housed in a contoured aluminum body.
Epic photos made easy
The powerful camera was built to capture your world in true-to-life detail. Larger 1.55 µm pixels absorb more light¹ in even the dimmest conditions to make your photos brighter.

The new standard in phone photography comes standard.
iPhone 6s introduces a…

9 Comments on Huawei Nexus 6P vs Apple Iphone 6S ( Mid-range or flagship )

  1. I understand why people want to compare the 6s+ with the 6p: they're in the same screen size range. But as someone who isn't rich, a more logical way to compare phones is by price range or budget. The 6s+ is way more expensive than the 6p, which to me doesn't make sense to even compare them. As someone who has the iPhone 6 and has to pay for my next phone out of pocket, I've been looking to switch back to the android with the 6p cause it doesn't make sense to pay that much more money to get less specs out of a phone! Literally the only thing I think I'll miss are iMessage, and the few apps that only come out(usually first) for iOS

  2. I lost interest in this video when he said "using 1080p in 2015 is an issue" clearly Android biased. iPhone 6s Plus smokes the Nexus 6P that much is proven.

  3. 7:11 INSTANTLY!! thats what im talkinbout, the dust has settled brah…this vid is nnnoice ?..said from my freshly injected w Marshmallow, buttery smoove Nexus7 I continue waiting for my Graphite 6P‼

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