Huawei Mate 8 VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!

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Apps, browsing multitasking and Camera comparison between New Mate 8 and iPhone 6S+!
The mate 8 is cheaper than the iPhone 6S+ on Amazon US –

38 Comments on Huawei Mate 8 VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. Huawei is a fast goring company, and as a communication Engineer in a Mobile networks company I see Huawie's performance from engineering prospective is much better than those old experienced companies like NSN and Motorola. I am owning now Huawie Mate 8 after a 7 years as an iPhone user. I am surprised with the performance which is flawless, the battery life which is gigantic, the screen resolution is not the highest in the market but surprisingly can satisfy your needs adding that this full HD limitation which gives the phone this enormous battery life.
    the OS (EMUI) is so similar to the "IOS" with all android feature, it is like a mix of "IOS" performance and stability and "android" customization and features.

    Finally Huawei is one of the best competing phones in the market

  2. I Sold Me SE & 6 Plus. Been Using iPhones For Way Too Long. Time For A Switch. It's Now Time To Enjoy That 2K Super Amoled Display + Lots Of Customizations. I Don't Play Games On Phones, I Rarely Do So I Won't Miss My SE Or 6 Plus. Here I Come Samsung. (;

  3. I've been an android fan since they first came out and had soooo many always thought iphones were so ugly until the iphone 6 came out. Bought myself an iPhone 6s plus rose gold and I'm in LOVE. Ios i have to admit is just so smooth but ill always be an android fangirl. I'm an iPhone 6 lover not an apple lover. I still have my android and using both 🙂 nice little change for me.

  4. HAHAHAAA people picking the iphone cause it's 0.5 secs faster to load a web page. Can people nowadays really not wait an extra few seconds. think about it….DOUBLE THE PRICE. I personally think Huawei is producing great phones for the price they are offering.

  5. It's so weird how they're almost the same size but the screen to body ratio is awfull on the Iphone.
    I think they should start to make their phones more attractive .Like good God ,what's with that galaxy s3 bezzel on the Iphone ?

  6. This comparison is not accurate because this guy always press the iphone app a quicker before the mate 8. I think its because he is a right handed person. So it all boils down to who is pressing the apps for the test.

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