Huawei Honor 7 (10 Tips & Tricks) Bonus video / Size comparison / Google Cardboard App Test

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This is a BONUS video to my Full Review that also can be found on my Youtube channel here – 10 tips & tricks to the Huawei Honor 7 that I didn’t show in the Review video – check them and be smarter! also I am in this video using the stock theme and look on the phone! (requested by a viewer).

I’m also doing a phone size comparison against a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge so you can see how big the Honor 7 is with the 5.2 inch compared to that one (requested by another viewer). And also test the phone with the Google Cardboard app, to see if it actually works!

PS. If you can’t do all these tips & tricks on your Honor 7. I have the Chinese version called PLK-UL00 – maybe you have another version of the Honor 7, or the ROM you have on yours is different. Unfortunately they are not all the…

21 Comments on Huawei Honor 7 (10 Tips & Tricks) Bonus video / Size comparison / Google Cardboard App Test

  1. Nice video. But a lot of things changed in honor 7 after Marshmallow 6 update. Could you plz review and make an video on that. Thanks! Can't see cardboard and lots of tricks shown in this video

  2. I've received my honor 7 a week ago. I just cant find a way to adjust my lockscreen. In your video you swipe up from the bottom while you are on lockscreen and it shows a few app (camera, e.g.) and a setting button, remove button, etc. If I do this an my Phone, the only thing that shows up is the first row (recorder, calculator, flashlight and camera).
    Does anyone have an idea how to bring up the rest? thx!

  3. can anybody help me? I am hopeless with phones but have the Honor 7.
    my phone updated itself but now when I receive messages I don't have a green light anymore on the too of the phone to tell me.
    please help if you can.

  4. lol i just figured it out i can download .there is a small download icon.n about the toggle issue ,on the screen there is to part of the screen 1 half up n 2 half down .if u scroll on the 2 half down u cant add n scroll the quick toggle.thats is my issue from the start.what u should do is touch the 1st half up on the screen n done..tq by the tips .also honor 7 is the most value for money mid phone n its feel like premium phone .thumbs up

  5. Hi there s7yler, I just this phone few days ago, I checked with an app called Ampere that my temperature normally was between 35-38 degrees celcius. Is this considered normal? Can you check yours, please? Thank you very much.

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