HTC’s One A9 is a stylish mid-range handset with a sky-high price

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The One A9 is a decent smartphone with the latest Android Marshmallow software, but it suffers from a top-end price tag.

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35 Comments on HTC’s One A9 is a stylish mid-range handset with a sky-high price

  1. I disagree with the comparison to LG G4.  The LG G4 is a phablet while HTC A9 is not.  Apple always brags about packing so much features into a small thin device.  HTC packed amazing amount of features including OIS into this 5.0" phone, even Apple did not manage this.  For LG, having a bigger device means LG can use bigger components which are cheaper and easier to assemble.  That is why most low cost handsets like OnePlus and Asus ZenFone are phablets.  Maybe many people like phablets, but many people consider phablets too large to hold and won't fit in the pocket.  Last year, phones outsold phablets 4 to 1, making phablets a niche market.  LG went out of their way to hide the fact that G4 is a phablet.

  2. I feel like they made this phone in spite of Apple with it's high price point. Apple did take ideas from HTC's designs, so I wouldn't be surprised that the purpose of the A9 is to make a statement to Apple. HTC is one the only companies I would consider buying a phone from besides Google's Nexus, Sony, and Apple. (Keep in mind that I'm on a 6s plus right now).

  3. should be $500 of contract. the HTC mini 2/ Remix on Verizon Wireless was $500.00. ya you don't get front facing speakers you gain uhoh protection 2 terabyte of SD card support. with no CDMA support and being a fully volte phone this phone will work great in urban areas but rural will be tough.

  4. despite the copied look, htc phones are always top notch in build quality and software optimisation they only use very high quality parts, oneplus is tagged at better price but always has problem with the screen touch and many other manufacture issues. beside that, htc is very high brand in phones world comparing to the like of ASUS, OPPO, Meizu and oneplus. considering this as their midrange phone, i can understand the price is not 650$ but 300-400$ which is reasonable

  5. Why is it a problem that it looks like an iPhone? Everyone loves the design of the iPhone, yet when another manufacturer 'copies' it, all of a sudden it's a bad thing? Not a problem with this guy in particular, but pretty much everyone who has reviewed this phone. All phones look incredibly similar nowadays, get over it!

  6. They r totally fucked up. First they copied someone than instead of keep its price less they decided to copy there price also which will now result in low sales. They should stick to there old design and thinking and try to bring something unknown, unexpected and unimagined

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