HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift at CES 2016

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After testing both VR headsets back to back, Peter and Justin are able to compare the pros and cons of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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20 Comments on HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift at CES 2016

  1. some solutions for the cable: either place your PC above you or feed the cable to your ceiling and then down to you and add some kind of retractable device so the cable is only as long you need it to be at any given time.

  2. imo the Vive is more of a gimmick, where as the Occulus is more for gaming. i cant picture an Elderscrolls game where i have to physically walk around and interact with shit…i mean when i play a game i kinda WANT to sit on my ass…its relaxing to me… the whole sensor array setup so i can walk around is kinda not important for gaming, TO ME anyway…give me the 360 degree 3D and headtracking…but leave the other shit out…even if i was watching porn in VR i dont wanna have to DO anything, if i wanna have physical sex thats why i keep a girlfreind…when shes not around and im fappin it, i wanna just sit there…i know im not the only one that has this feels

  3. walking around VR is a gimmick. not saying people won't enjoy it, but the games are going to get old, games seated will get a lot of traction though.

  4. All that guy did was talk about the HTC and how it was "better". I don't care which ones "better", because everyone's opinions are different. I want the two to be compared and contrasted. Tell me what's similar and what's different that way I know which one is right for me. Ughhhhh.

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