HTC Vive vs Facebook Oculus Rift: HTC reveals $799 Vive at Mobile World Congress

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BARCELONA — HTC and Valve unveiled their Vive virtual reality system at the Mobile World Congress in Spain on Saturday.

The Taiwanese smartphone maker and Washington-based game developer and publisher made the announcement before the start of the tech show.

The HTC Vive consumer edition won’t come cheap with an $799 price tag, which is more expensive than the $600 Oculus Rift — not to mention the fact that you’ll need a fairly beefy gaming computer to run it.

The hefty price tag includes the Vive headset, two wireless controllers, two wall units to track your position and a hub that collects data to send to your PC.

The system will also come bundled with two games: “Job Simulator” and “Fantastic Contraption.”

The Vive headset also comes with a new feature called Vive Phone Services, which lets gamers answer phone calls and read and send text messages through the headset without having to exit the virtual reality experience.

While Oculus Rift only tracks your head…

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  1. The ton of "blooper" videos (anyone remember the Wii U?) ought to be hilarious with this new gadgetry, considering that some over-enthusiastic individuals managed to do things like destroy their TV sets with their controllers, and ended up doing "athletic" moves to hurt themselves with that setup, even when they actually could see what they were doing.

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