HTC Vive UI Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

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Curious about how the HTC Vive operates? How does that virtual world look when you’re not playing a game, and how do you see using that camera on the front of the Vive? Check out our interface walkthrough as we give you a few tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your HTC Vive!

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9 Comments on HTC Vive UI Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

  1. Great tutorial. Thanks for this!

    FYI to you and those setting up their Vive's for the first time…

    Trying to figure out the "mm" by trial and error is not a good idea. It represents your IPD (the space between your eyes). When I first got my headset, that's what I did, and a long reddit thread later, I learned that you should know your IPD before hand. You can ask your eye doctor to tell you your IPD or you can measure yourself using a ruler. The link below will take you to the ruler method so you can find out your IPD without an eye doctor, and the results should be fairly accurate.

    Hope that helps. :)

  2. can you make a video about connecting a phone to the vive and what you can do with it, i cant find any videos about it so you may be the first to make a vid if you do

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