HTC Vive Teardown Review!

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Waiting can be hard. Preorders went live for the HTC Vive back in February, with a shipping estimate of April. We’re getting towards the end of April now and many are still anxiously awaiting their VR headsets to be shipped. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we got our Vive; the bad news is you’re going to have to watch us tear it down.

Check out the full teardown here!

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25 Comments on HTC Vive Teardown Review!

  1. Well for all the gearheads out there: it looks like it will not be possible to swap out the low-res HTC Vive's OLED screens with better, 4K mini-displays once those eventually hit the market in a year or so (according to Samsung)…Yay?
    The Vive is using the same Toshiba TC358870XBG 4K HDMI to MIPI Converter as the Oculus, which according to it's specs only supports Ultra-HD 4K resolution at 30fps max. So swapping out the two OLED screens for anything above 1080p would also require replacing the converter chip on the motherboard That chip looks baked into the board and probably comes pre-programmed to scale to a specific res. So forget that…
    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

  2. The HTC Vive shipping isn't as bad as Oculus Rift's. Probably the reason why you got the Oculus first is because you've placed your preorder earlier. had it been any sooner, you might get your Oculus by 2017.

  3. Would be awesome if you could make a teardown of the controllers. The vibration motor gets loose very often and some glue could fix it most of the time but you need to be careful when opening the saucer since the sensor can get damaged quite easely.

  4. Thx for the awesome insights into the consumer electronics you instantly earned my subscription 😀
    And I have a favor to ask, could you tear down the Corsair K70 RGB and other RGB Keyboards?
    I would love to see the innards off those but since I have still warranty I won't dare to open mine.

  5. When the war against semi-sentient AI comes online, and we have to determine who is, and who isn't a cleverly constructed Android, this lady's future will be in doubt by the weird approximation of emotion she displays.

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