HTC Vive, Nextbit Robin, Casio Android Wear & more – CES 2016 Wrap-up

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As is the case every year, CES is the place to be when it comes to seeing the latest and greatest trends. The oddity this year though, is that most of these didn’t really have to do with mobile devices. In most cases smartphone OEMs have now taken the task of having their own shows, and then we see tablets on decline, and a lot of experimentation in the wearable market. CES 2016 was particularly notorious for this, and leaving more questions than answers over the future that we’ll see in products over the next year.

Watch our warp-up of CES 2016 as we discuss the hottest products that we saw, and the ones we still feel could’ve improved.


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35 Comments on HTC Vive, Nextbit Robin, Casio Android Wear & more – CES 2016 Wrap-up

  1. for me it was the casio android wear smart watch. the battery life,rugged looks and built in apps makes this a possible hot product coming up. i have 3 smart watches so far and this one may make number four.

  2. i think for me its the zeiss glass that one actually is just a much more normal looking google glass but hey maybe other it will make other manufactures jump on the ship and making more of those

  3. The HTC Vive was the only thing that got me exited about during this year's CES. I might have to wait a while until the cost match my budget… But I know with a partnership with Steam… They will not disappoint.

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