HTC Vive: Meet the final consumer version

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More from Mobile World Congress 2016:
After an agonising wait, we get a look at the finished version of HTC’s VR headset, which can be yours to preorder in just a few days. Assuming you’ve got $799 to spend, of course.

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23 Comments on HTC Vive: Meet the final consumer version

  1. To the people complaining about the price, early adopters of any new technology are expected to pay premium, they are paying for the research that went into creating the technology and for its future development. They are also paying to get it faster than everyone else. If you think the price is too high, just wait for the next generation, but don't act like you're owed a cheaper price.

  2. I already have over $1000 on a card right now just waiting for Vive pre-order. You little kids complain "it's too expensive. Blah Blah Blah Blah."

    Not for me. Can't wait to receive mine!

  3. Im excited! Perhaps a bit more excited for oculus though because their game lineup sounds interesting. I wont be buying it because money is stupid, but i hope it does well enough that it gets a second generation. I really want to see VR be successful enough that you can play entire games with it (although playing something like borderlands or fallout 4 would be odd. VR takes away the ability to sit, relax, maybe snack on something while you play… im excited to see how long gaming sessions play out).

  4. I have never tried either, but for me to buy a $600 or $800 dollar machine and an $1000 dollar computer is too expensive. I'm probably going to wait till the technology becomes more accessible and affordable.

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