HTC Vive Full Review

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The HTC Vive is finally here, and along with it the best VR experience you’re going to get right now. Find out what we loved and hated most about this monumental collaboration between HTC and Valve, and check out the written review and games showcase for more details that we couldn’t fit here!

Full Written Review:

Featured Review: HTC Vive

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HTC Vive Games Spotlight:

HTC Vive Games Spotlight

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We ran the Vive on a PC specced as the following:
Intel Core i5-3570k
EVGA GeForce GTX 970
Windows 10

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20 Comments on HTC Vive Full Review

  1. Why does everyone cry about the price when you paid way more for a surround sound system when it was new? And that was just audio ffs.
    This is cheap compared to other tech that is far less impressive.

  2. "You'll still see pixels on this display. It's simply not hi-res enough not to, but Unless you're trying to judge distance detail, it's really not an issue…"

    So… the main idea of a VR headset doesn't actually work in this $799 headset.

    Sorry VR fans but this is like the Apple watch, "high quality" but don't be a chump. Wait for Generation 2.

  3. Come on, send me my order. Every video make me wish I would have ordered sooner. I'd prob have ordered the oculus thou and disappointed. HTC for the win

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