HTC One X9

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47 Comments on HTC One X9

  1. Like it very much,….hope m10 looks like this one,….I may go back tho the perfect sense ui,…(of course perfect if the hardware is also perfect)…
    M8s has an octacore of mediatek (old type) and isn't perfect at all,…slow!!!!! So …let's see,…????

  2. My htc one m8 takes forever to open the camera..why is that??! while every other phone including iphones do it so smoothly and seamlessly. If I pay 5oo quid for a phone I expect it to be fast

  3. Yes, it looked slow to me as well. However, the battery is at 6% and appears to be in low power mode. My iPhone gets terribly slow in lower power mode as well.

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