HTC One X9 -Rumored to be “Packed With City Smarts” & Stunning Specs

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Jayce talks about why HTC might be making a new line of smartphone.


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26 Comments on HTC One X9 -Rumored to be “Packed With City Smarts” & Stunning Specs

  1. The next HTC Flagship must pack a 4000+mAh battery, a 5.2" to 5.5'' QHD screen with a screen to body ratio of 75+%, a much much improved 21+MP rear cam to peek my interest. Oh it has to have onscreen keys and their BoomSound front firing speakers with much reduced top and bottom bezels.

  2. I've owned three HTC devices (two Android and one Windows Mobile) – both the Android devices broke in less than 2 years. My confidence in their products has never been restored.

  3. HTC already have a lot of confusing lines of phone. Honestly, they should get back to basics and cut down big time on their product range in favor of phones with far more distinctive target markets.

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