HTC One X9 Hands On!

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Join us as we take a quick look at the HTC One X9!

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31 Comments on HTC One X9 Hands On!

  1. I bought htc x9 from 2 months and its not that good design but affordable and cheap and the specs are good the prossecor and the 3Gb ram its good for me but not that good design but still one of the best phones I bought

  2. And since November HTC promised Verizon customers a A9 that works with a software upgrade. Yet here it is, March 2016 and NO Verizon A9 "software update" for us Verizon customers to be able to use the phone. Pretty sad.

  3. Nice phone.. Although the design is kind of weird and awkward there's something about HTC that makes android less cheesy and cartoonish than Sammy/Lg

  4. This phone is ''An accident waiting to happen'' imagine!!! HTC is so messed up we cant have a 4.8 or 4.9 inch device???? must everything mimic a tablet!?? i thought the idea is to have a smaller device design for particular customers (Or market appeal)who cant stand huge/bulky phones, shame on you HTC

  5. The One M10 is coming out this year as well. I don't understand what HTC is doing. This the mid range device while the M10 will feature a SD820 metal unibody and 12 ultra pixel camera.
    ( This device will have a media tek processor.) 

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