HTC One X9 hands on – MWC 2016

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We get our hands on the HTC One X9, an upper mid-ranger and the continuation of the A series of devices. Like the A9 before it, the X9 has a metal frame and is positioning itself as premium device, but unlike the A9, it brings back BoomSound front-firing stereo speakers. The phone also sports 3GB RAM, the same awesome camera found on the A9 and a 3000mAh battery.

30 Comments on HTC One X9 hands on – MWC 2016

  1. Long live the boomsound speakers. Finger print scanner no use for me. I don't want my finger print stored on some server somewhere. I don't want nav buttons onscreen taking space. I want to enjoy the 5.5 screen. This phone much better than the M10. 

  2. if they took this determination and innovation to the flagship devices they make they would have actually sold devices last year. the bezels are gone and the capacitive buttons look great. the phone looks really really good

  3. The one x9 is great… If it comes with a low price… But I am still waiting for the m10 flagship… Let us praise that htc survives and continues to amaze us with their remarkable smartphones.

    My htc m8 viper one custom rom can outmach every other smartphone available including the almighty iPhone 6s

  4. I like it, its nice. In my opinion this is what the A9 should have been. I don't mind that there isn't a fingerprint scanner but at least hope that chip is as strong as the 810 at least or 808 and at least 3gbs of RAM. I like it, if it's priced around $400 which I'm asking too much for now lol but that price with these features would really help HTC get out of its slump sales. IJS.

  5. Ommggggggg tuuurn uuuup

    HTC finally took out that ugly ass black bar in front! And yass,tbh, I like dem capacitive button.

    Design is good too, I hope they make a large version of it (phablet)

    I'm just really really really really hoping that the camera is excellent!!!! And lowkey hoping that the screen is QHD…

    But seriously, props to HTC for taking out that ugly ass black bar, like finally no more of that in the flagship.

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