HTC One X9 Hands On

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HTC is showing everything from its health and fitness to Vive virtual reality at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but the company that got its start in smartphones has a new one coming to Europe. Join Michael Fisher for a quick hands-on with the HTC One X9 at MWC 2016!


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47 Comments on HTC One X9 Hands On

  1. Cant customers have a 4.8 or 4.9 inch device???? must everything mimic a 5.5 or 5.0 inches or mini tablet!?? i thought the idea is to have a smaller device design for particular customers (Or market focus)who cant stand huge/bulky phones, I must say its ''shame'' (Recycling same designs with minor alterations, even iPhone has iphone 6 and 6+ catering for varying customer preferences/tastes)

  2. I really loves those capasitive buttons. Almost every android has onscreen buttons and i hate it so much. They take up space and are very annoying in games and videos when you swipe them accidentally to the screen. Also im really hoping x9 will be a success. I used to be htc fan but latest phones has let me down sadly.

  3. instead of focusing on smartphones which is their losing core , HTC focuses on a niche nerdy Vive VR that at 850 bucks , is literally worth a spit from us…

  4. This looks like a great upper-midrange phone! The design is nice, the screen has the right size, boomsound (!!), camera with OIS etc. Throw in a fingerprint scanner and 2k screen and we have a great flagship

  5. It still looks awkwardly long, the capacitive buttons are a step back (and should be extinct by now), and mediatek CPUs may have some horsepower, but they are horribly optimized. Looks like another failure to me, these guys just can't make a smartphone anymore. A real shame because the htc desire back in the day was an awesome device, they went downhill from there on.

  6. it's a much better design than the a9 and hardware ain't a big deal because everyone cram in the same hardware but please get the camera for the m10 correct and make the phone better looking at the back and remove the color of the top especially

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