HTC One X9 (Dual-SIM) hands-on

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Live from MWC 2016, PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the HTC One X9 (Dual-SIM).
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24 Comments on HTC One X9 (Dual-SIM) hands-on

  1. I like HTC, Sense is a very smooth experience, but damn, after the M8 they seem obsolete, no finger print, no 4XHD this X9 looks pretty good I'd say, but compared to my Nexus 6P, it's junk. The X9 to be honest doesnt really seem much departed from the m7,m8 and m9…..If they could come out wit ha bangen design and a decent camera they could be back in the game, I really like the A9, but no front speakers is a joke, front speakers and a fingerprint scanner is a must IMO.

  2. This gives me hope that the M10 might be a home run. Looking to upgrade my M8 at some point and I'm impressed with the new LG G5, but if HTC knocks the M10 out of the park I may just have to show some brand loyalty.

  3. Bro this site is an htc hater. I've ceen alot of mwc impressions of this phone and they were all positive. It's like he saying he sick and tired of the same old htc phone. Review without including your personal take

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