HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

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Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One will be one of the main flagship competitors this season, so a thorough comparison is warranted to help you choose. The HTC One flaunts novel ideas like the UltraPixel camera and stereo speaker system at the front, to which the Xperia Z responds with a thin and light waterproof body, so which one is for you? Read on to find out…

22 Comments on HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z

  1. I used to own an HTC one until the speaker went out. I liked it because of its speakers, but you could probably take pictures with a potato and they would come out better than the HTC one camera did. Also my home button would not work half the time. The phone got replaced with an Xperia and I guess its alright for now. I like the feel of the Xperia a bit more, and the fact that its water resistant. I didn't notice any difference in speed. Both phones run Rainbow Unicorn attack just as well. When you have headphones on the music sounds the same, but the HTC had better speakers. Overall they're both good phones and they are extremely similar. If you're not sure which one to pick, get the one that's cheaper lol. 

  2. It's nice that the HTC has more internal memory for storing apps but having the integrated PlayStation apps and features / functions with water / dust resistant makes it an easy choice to pick the Sony phone over the HTC.

    Things like camera and video isn't that much important to me since I hardly use it for anything intensive. I would definitely choose the HTC over the Galaxy S4; the HTC is a good phone but the Sony exclusive features / functions help with my choice.

  3. You must show the same video in the phones in the same time to see which is better in video quality. And you must show us the same music and same pictures to see the different in the phones 

  4.  I have a ps3 and probably soon an Xperia Tab Z, so maybe the sony Xperia Z is my "smartest" choice here. But can anyone who may have used both, please tell me if htc one is a better choice? and why? or should I stick to Sony? ps: I've seen through the internet the android 4.2.2 update makes the xperia z better.

  5. htc has some great features, better sound.. but I found it so annoying at times to use due to its complexed functions at times.. the biggest bear bug for me was texting.. its a nightmare seem to pick wrong letters or wrong word so spending twice as long to change my texts.  Also the web view is very bad.. having to keep scrolling and zooming.. it does not fit and be allowed to be read without change unlike the Z1….. Z1 however I do not have these issues.. and the cam is far better.. but its up to the user I guess.. I can live with out great sound.. and the poor texting… and poor view of web..

  6. Why do i feel like he like htc better than xperia Z so thats why he always said that htc one is better . Fuck . I have used xperia Z for 8 month and i have dropped it a thousand times and brought it into a pool like a million time . Its the best phone ever !!!!!

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