HTC One vs. iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c – Benchmark & Gaming Comparison

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25 Comments on HTC One vs. iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c – Benchmark & Gaming Comparison

  1. Iphone 5s and iphone 5C has the same retina display so how can that the iphone 5s looks better, the rrason is that you put the iphone 5c the farthest from the camera, and how can the iphone 5s is unbeatable

  2. what if i told you that geekbench results are always inaccurate… its way to easy for a manufacturer to cheat on any bechmarking system. Samsung was already caught doing this, wouldn't suprise me at all if apple did it to try and make their devices comparable to the high end andriod devices (ie. HTC one, Nexus 5, galaxy s4)

  3. bodrulm1 is wrong.The iPhone has a more powerful CPU and GPU than the HTC. The iPhone's internals are slightly more powerful than the HTC's. Some of the benchmarks are run offscreen at a resolution of 1080p for both devices, and the iPhone still wins regardless of resolution. The number of cores and the amount of RAM can often be misleading (you would think that more cores = more power. The answer is: not necessarily).

  4. This doesn't matter. The iPhone wins in OFFSCREEN tests by an even higher margin (the test is run at 1080p, so the HTC should have performed better than the iPhone.) Conclusion: it wins because of a more powerful CPU+GPU combo, and the fact that the software it runs is optimised for them.

  5. Well a smaller screen doesn't require as much processing or battery power. Some of the tests were unfair. The HTC One is full 1080P. The iPhones are not. The HTC has one of the best screens on the planet, only second to the LG G2 imo.

  6. Previously owned an HTC One S, loved it, customizability was great and android has gotten ranks good. Nowadays I need something more simple and easy, so I've got the iPhone 5S. In my opinion, the HTCs and iPhones rule the market in power these days, Samsung just rules in popularity and unnecessary features.

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