HTC One vs iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 Speed Test Comparison

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In this video, we will do a speed test comparison between the HTC One vs iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 Speed Test. We will be using the Geekbench 3 benchmarking tool to measure the processor and memory performance of these 3 popular phones.

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20 Comments on HTC One vs iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 Speed Test Comparison

  1. bull shit man. iphones good, but i have to hand it to HTC if yoo hear him reading out the specs HTC is leading already with quad core and android 4.3 and snap dragon processor 600@ 1.73

    beats iphone 5 by miles, geek bench is not accurate at all.

  2. Sunspider and geekbench is maybe the only benchmarks where iPhones traditionally has an edge.. in other benchmarks they usually lose.. and in real world usage when your don't have optimal reception iPhones lose even more because of the terrible WiFi and gsm antenna performance.. my HTC is easily 2 times faster than my girlfriends iPhone 5 when WiFi signal isn't 100%. 

  3. You should mention that the HTC's chip is limited by thermal throttling,  and frequency throttling in benchmarks,  and it is actually much faster than this. This is why people often talk about how benchmarks aren't good to go by.  My LG G2 for instance can get anywhere from 2300s to 2700s to even a 2884 once (which crushes the i-toy).  Feel free to search me on XDA forums where I posted a couple screenshots. 

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