HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test!

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Just how durable is the new HTC One? Find out as it’s “Drop Test Time!” Article/Pictures:

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40 Comments on HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test!

  1. Just want to point out that when the iphone got dropped on its face, it was from pocket height, which is like 3ft on this midget. When the M7 got dropped it was above his head, he said he was 5'7"-8", that's at least 2.5 feet higher(assuming he's lying about his height to impress the techie ladies, jk.) if not closer to 3.

  2. Throughout the video, It felt Joshua really wanted the iPhone to fare better. Perhaps it wasn't just bad luck; perhaps it's the weight distribution of the iPhone that causes it to fall face flat every time. The test that causes the HTC to shatter is bogus. If it had been dropped from pocket height then it could have been more accurate. 

  3. You're just some weird gay. Why one likes to be filmed plus it breaks the phone. I think somebody here needed professional help. I would ask what would that do not have a requirement to have a phone, gave them and then smashing. You're a fake

  4. I have my HTC one for over a year now and I dropped many times. I think because of his curved back side it roles better. Almost the same effect a freerunner does when it jumps from the 2nd floor. Only my camera doesn't work well after those drops.

    I love my HTC one!

  5. I have a samsung galaxy mini and it fell like 6+ (I lost count, I'm very careless) times and never had any cracks or anything cos , you know.. it's an old model phone. Do you think having a htc is okay with me? I'm thinking of having a htc one mini or the latest one, m8 (I don't really know the diff. between the m7 and m8) .. Can anyone pls help me.

  6. I've had my HTC One for about a year now. And I have dumped coffee ALL over it, it even went into the speakers. I have dropped it countless times (Which thankfully it almost always lands on its back because of the curve design and weight), I have had someone drop it and step on it sliding it across the floor. I haven't had a protective case on it for about 2 months. And still not a single scratch or error with the phone. I've had all types of phones from Samsung to Nokia to iPhone and my HTC is by far the most durable. And also I've never had my front grill pop off like that. It's built well and it shows when you've had it for a long time.

  7. I dropped my HTC Desire 601 from 6ft onto gravel and got no cracks or scratches. Also nothing fell out of it but a friend of mine dropped a iPhone from 2ft onto pavement and broke the screen so bad chunks of glass fell out.

  8. I have a HTC ONE M-8 and an Otter Box case. The phone design is great but VERY slippery. I have dropped the phone a few times with absolutely no damage at all. That said, it's a shame that such a beautiful phone is hidden in a case.

  9. I've had the HTC One for almost a year, and I've dropped it numerous times from those 3 heights. I haven't had any issues with the front panel coming off. The most damage it has is just chips and scratches on the bezel edges.

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