HTC One vs. iPhone 5

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How do the iPhone 5 and HTC One compare? In this video we compare hardware, web browsing speed, software, and specs.


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48 Comments on HTC One vs. iPhone 5

  1. HTC One was NOT inspired by the iPhone. HTC had aluminium backed phones before iPhones, and many phones have the diamond cut edges, iPhones were not the first to have that either.

  2. does it matter if you see less pictures in one pane? i dont mind scrolling. your comparison is lame dude. you should have not compared that note seeing htc has bigger screen, basically.

  3. I just noticed something and ALSO the reason why the iPhone MAY act slower in some ways in this vid,, its "Jailbroken" and I can tell because it has "Springtomize" on the last page on home screen. If it wasnt jailbroken it would be quicker, though I find having a iPhone non-jailbroken not worth calling a iPhone, it HAS to be jailbroken 😉  Apple is so strict about this and prohibits it but it adds so much more features.
    Why didnt you just use a fresh iPhone 5 with a Fresh HTC One in this vid? It would make the results more accurate. 

  4. Htc desire hd had aluminium unibody in 2010. HTC didn't copy Apple. Sony Xperia active also had diamond cut edges before Apple. Just look at the hole for the handstrap and the hand strap adjuster. 

  5. Apple needs to step their game up. I get that simplicity is needed because the beautiful design of IOS and of hardware will attract tech geeks and those not so tech-savy alike, but they need to move away from their stubbornness and offer choices. The whole world is evolving to wider screens and they come out and release a still thin and taller phone…are you freaking kidding me? There are times when their "Thinking Different" can go the stupid route. Offer a model that looks like the 5s because not all people want a wide phone, and then offer a model for the media geeks that is thin, tall like the 5s, and an inch wider for crap's sake!!!!! Offer 2 choices! Not 2 of the same thing but one in color and plastic (and different internal specs most people won't notice or give a shit about)..

    Android in the shaky early days compared to where it is is solid. I enjoy my mobile experience much more going back to Android after 2 years on 4s with no desire to upgrade to 5s because I'd basically be stuck with the same phone for 2 more years, just taller. I went to the HTC M8 and this things is sick as hell. I owned an android phone back at the beginning, and man have they evolved! There are plenty of features they could add to IOS that would still fit within the realm of their simplicity philosophy without confusing people who aren't computer-savy instead of TELLING YOU what you can and can't do.

    Let's take a look at IOS7: While looking very beautiful, and loving the design much more than IOS6..they took away the option to make double pressing the home button access the music player to press play quickly. Now you've got to either be playing music recently to MAYBE access it after being paused for a short time to play it again..otherwise you gotta fully unlock the screen and type your passcode if you set one and navigate to music. When making playlists or deleting/choosing can't go to an album anymore and press add all, or delete all. YOU GOTTA MINUS/PLUS EACH INDIVIDUAL ONE!!!!!!! I have some instrumental albums and electronic music compilations that have 45 tracks on it!!!! Pure stupidity. They strip away features they THINK YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE and tell you what you should, while adding no important freedoms most people would actually give a shit about.

    I love macbooks and OSX, I think entertainment-wise IOS is great for mobile content, I like ipods, ipads. But any serious computing on the go with only wanting to take up the room in your pocket, something that will be with you more times than anything else…Android will always be my go-to, I'll keep apple products for home. Apple is so up its own ass with its artsy-fartsy trendyness that the steam they've had with groundbreaking innovations (or the ability to pounce on a technology they did not invent but were only great visionaries on) is only bringing them so far. They're so blinded by it that they have disallowed themselves from thinking outside of the box again, seeing what people actually want regardless of the fact that people will still buy their shit just because its Apple..and actually do something right because its simply the right thing, not sit back and get your ass handed to you just because you know you can eat off of your brand name.

    Boooooring, even Wozniak has said it.

  6. I'm not a fanboy by any means but I guess everyone knows that as long as that spinning symbol in the status bar next to the wifi indicator on the iphone is still visible (and spinning), it means that it is still loading and hasn't finished yet. So the htc did win while browsing every single time, didn't it? You're pocketnow, you got a fancy site and youtube channel so I'm guessing you must know these things, right?..

  7. "not going to do a boot up test because the htc will win"… I thought the 'vs.' in the title meant there was going to be a battle…iphone fanboy reviewer didn't want to embarrass apple on youtube -.-

  8. I like the HTC One, but just pointing out that I believe that the Twitter and Facebook apps are built in to sense (I'm running a different ROM, so I don't remember), so they're not technically 3rd party apps because they've been optimized.

  9. like iPhone better, but HTC us equally appealing too, it has a better design. I like that curve in mid so u can hold ur phone easier. but the iPhone interface is better and friendlier looking

  10. I will never go near an apple product. Hate them with a passion . Bullshit product after bullshit product. Exactly the same product all the time. Slightly faster etc etc and the people that buy them are even bigger morons. Its a con . HTC pisses all over the iphones. Camera is miles better . Boom sound is way better then apple sound and has Beats built in. Speed is equal . Screen is better . Software android is better. Its seems Apple brings out the exact same phone or Pad ever couple of days  And consumers are even more stupid for thinking there is some sort of huge change or difference and encourages apple to release the same crap every few months. I have the HTC One and would never trade it for an apple .

  11. the absolute best screen i have had with a device so farrr..drumb roll plz…the note 2…that phone was used very much and no case at times due to size with a case on it..i dont think it had 1 scratch on screen..period..but the gorilla glass 3 takes normal wear

  12. gosh the iphone looks like an ipad nano from 2003 lol..not literally..but look at the sizes we have come to..and the htc one isnt even considerd a big phone these days!..but bigger screen more pixles..better cameras…fast processors..keep it coming htc..i love mine..i got rid of the s4 for it..the experience is cleaner..just as fast..and everythings 1 click..sometimes the s4 took a few clicks to accomplish the same..the iphone is just simple…i like em all..even windows phones are cool..some!..but a new device is always fun to work with..even if it

  13. htc  one is best  cant put it down it makes me want to pick it up it i samazingly good i thought the one s was graet but this is amazing i copared to 5s s4 z 10 galaxy noter 3 and experia z and in every thing this is a perfecy allroumder its the porche 911 of the cell phone world

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