HTC One SV vs HTC One S: Comparison Review of Specs, Features and Price

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HTC One S vs HTC One SV: We compare HTC’s new 4G -enabled One SV handset against its older brother the One S, to see how they match up in the specs arena.

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30 Comments on HTC One SV vs HTC One S: Comparison Review of Specs, Features and Price

  1. Oh forgot the batterty Wat happens when ur batterty runs out u poor fellow waist it entire warranty by taking it down when all I do is take the cover out easy as that and batterty life ulala not mentioning front facing camera clarity and

  2. Yeah Wat about the HTC one s heating problem that most if them have posting from my HTC one sv fast with out 4g and doest heat at all nice pics frames good stand up as the only thing I don't dig too red with that red cover should at been like red red not faded red

  3. htc one s has: a better processor, a better camera and a better screen res
    htc one sv has: a better front-facing camera and larger storage

    I'd take the one s

  4. Help me! I'm going to get one of these phones but it's such a hard choice. For the moment the one S costs 250 bucks and the SV costs 200. I want to take good photos, record high quality videos and play games. Could anyone please help me? Don't just answer "HTC One S" instead motivate cause I really need to know why the S is better than the SV in that case.

  5. Video weak af it would have been better if you showed the same stuff at the same time
    Like the same video from YouTube y show diff we cnt tell which one have better graphics if u show diff videos

  6. I have a one S and the screen is a million times better than the SV, the S is a way better phone as well with its alloy body work, its super thin and has a more powerful processor, battery life not bad either

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