HTC One Mini vs iPhone 5

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, and you don’t have to analyze and compare these two phones too much, to realize that a mini phone, the HTC One mini, is larger than Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 5. If we want to be fair and honest, we’d say that the iPhone 5 is the mini phone among the two. The difference between the iPhone 5 and the HTC One Mini is bigger than the difference between the One Mini and the One.

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46 Comments on HTC One Mini vs iPhone 5

  1. Apparently the guy in the video doesn't realize that the HTC One mini is called a mini because it's the mini version of the HTC One flagship phone lol. This guy needs to do a little more research before putting out informational videos like this one.

  2. Thing with all phones loading apps fast is allot to do with cache.. Like anything that uses a operating system you won't load a application fast if it isn't in the memories cache. Apple holds it cache more so then android phones. Tho I'm a Android lover.

  3. Are you fucking kidding me? you rly say they are on the same or similar speed and specs? You shouldnt forget that the HTC re. Android OS do MUCH MUCH MUCH more then Ios ever and ever will be possible be cappable of…. Its like Woodchear vs. Car they are not neary the same… Example? watch contacts on andriod with Pictures on ios without so of course it load faster, if i do them of on android gues what happens…… + Android have like 5000 functions who run in Backround. ex. google now or optimizistion vs. on the i products on the other hand there are not "processes" in the meaning of Win or Lin based pcs on ios there is just NOTHING…. 
    Comon Androind 999999999999+ functions and options or in short VARIABLES
    on ios 5 functions and NO Variables its complitly solld like a BRICK.
    And just in case you think iam just an Apple basher, i have an 64GB LTE Ipad3 bought short after release and in comperission to my Samsung S4 the only thing witch is faster (and doing the same) and better on the Ipad are the photo App……. Which is quite impressive……. cause i bought my s4 for 440€ and my ipad for 879€

  4. LoL.. prices are not even the same. compare the cheap plastic iPhone to HTC one x if you want descent comparison. HTC is better imho. Bigger better screen and beat sound. You are such a fan boy it is so obvious. you skip the parts were HTC is better such as better speaker and only talk about nonsense. Also HTC doesnt have less mp. It is 4mp x 4. 

  5. I have the HTC One, the camera is the same, and its way better than my old iPhone 5/5S camera (They're the same). And, the full size phone is still cheaper than the iPhone 5/5S. Android + HTC Sense is better than ever and I will never buy a non HTC phone, unless they stop making devices, who's isn't going to happen any time soon.

  6. One thing about the comparison that I believe are worth mentioning are factors such as external hardware. The charger port for the HTC One Mini (and all non-Apple devices), is the Micro-USB port, which is universal. The iPhone 5/s (and I'm guessing all proceeding Apple products), will require the Lightning Port, which makes the preceding 30-Pin Port obsolete in all past hardware accessories (docks and charge/data cables). Also, the HTC One's screen features Gorilla Glass 2, while iPhones feature 'regular' glass, which wears more easily. But nonetheless, you displayed an ample review.

  7. Oh please.. HTC One mini camera is not worst than Iphone 5. One mini is better in low light. Noise?? maybe so in auto mode and this is due to its capability to pickup shadow area better, but you can just set it to ISO100 if u absolutely need 'noise free' images. I have both and I think one mini camera is more practical go anywhere camera because iphone 5 camera sucks indoor. Larger MP is impractical for a smartphone camera you are gonna downsize it anyway for web uses (facebook, e-mail attachments, classified etc) For capturing texts one mini camera is briliant.

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