HTC One Max Vs Galaxy Note 3 Comparison, Specs, Benchmarks and More

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43 Comments on HTC One Max Vs Galaxy Note 3 Comparison, Specs, Benchmarks and More

  1. i thinking.. to buy HTC one max.. since i've already own htc one x.. not disappointing at all..  lot of my fren own samsung note 3.. they said "leg" still the main problem.. 

  2. I personally am a Samsung note 3 fan as I have been with the note 2 and 1. But I also think everyone has a different opinion and different things they like. So if you say HTC one max is better, we'll then that's cool but someone else might like the Samsung and that's cool too, so stop fighting over it like little bitches!….

  3. This a multi media head to head email is manageable but as of the phones the galaxy has the win because in real life it holds out better in a stress test HTC isn't quite there yet

  4. Galaxy note 3 is the better deal here. If you dont like the size or samsung or any reason at all, than the HTC One is better. Not HTC One max, but the original. It is really nice too. But if you are a big screen person and multitask as much as me then go with note 3

  5. In terms of benchmark, Samsung win. However, in real life use, One Max is far batter. Zero lag, zero crash, super long battery life. 20% longer battery life then note 3. You can have 24 hours 4G standby time + 7 hours screen on usage in a single charge. If you turn the power saver on, extra 20% battery life. If the battery flip cover is used, almost double battery life of note 3.

  6. Samsung cheating with benchmark scores why? Bcz developers found a folder in there systme when detecting a benchmark app the device will turbo boost wich cause a fast battery draining thats why all samsung's have better benchmark

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