HTC One Max revealed: Release date, specs & features

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The HTC One Max has been officially announced by HTC, bringing a list of specs, features and a rough release date. And did we spy a fingerprint scanner…?
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33 Comments on HTC One Max revealed: Release date, specs & features

  1. Big screen, Blink Feed, Boom Sound, and a finger print scanner?! Sign me up. Apple fans have fun on that small screen phone you Apple folk have bought over and over again.

  2. How could they copy Apple when it was just released? Both phones were being produced st the same time. HTC just happens to release this beauty a moth glad I sold my iPhone and MacBook pro..Apple sucks!

  3. Like the Note 3 the screen is too big. I know megapixels aren't everything but I like to take images higher than the resolution of my laptop display for editing and shit. Hopefully HTC go for 8 ultra pixels next time around

  4. To be honest, Apple already owns what is (nearly) the best way to do fingerprint scanning on a phone. If the HTC Max had the scanner in a better place – i.e. on the front – they'd get sued.

    Only way to do it better would be to actually put the scanner in the screen itself.

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