HTC One M9 Water Test – Water Resistant Again?!

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HTC One M9 Water Test – Water Resistant Again?!

HTC One M8 Water Test proved to be water resistant last year. This year we’ve drop test the HTC One M9 and did a HTC One M9 Scratch and Hammer Test! Up next is HTC One M9 vs Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus vs LG G4 – Full Comparison! And our 50+ Tips and Tricks on the HTC One M9 with Hidden Features!
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41 Comments on HTC One M9 Water Test – Water Resistant Again?!

  1. You dumbass!!!! You don't power the phone back on after it was submerged in water and powered off! Do you even fucking know what happens to a circuit board when there is electrical current?!

    Perhaps you need to educate yourself on electricity you stupid idiot.

  2. obviously they are not water resistant I dropped mine in a cup of water on accident for a few seconds and now its ruined everything lost and the screen wont turn on the phone will but the screen wont

  3. well you cannot truly rely on this test one drop and only one drop of water from the rain went into my phone and totally damage the LCD screen it wasn't submerged in any water I was just running across the parking lot to my car with a cover on the phone and how my phone face down on top of my tablet and one little drop of rain ruined the LCD screen

  4. well i just dropped my HTC One M9 in the toilet, so i quickly grabed it and quickl dry it with a tissue and when i try to open it it can't open… so yeah there goes my phone broken

  5. I dropped mine in water and it was in there for a day before I could find it. I put it over my lamp and it works perfectly. there is just a white looking circle in the middle of the screen.

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