HTC One M9 vs One M8: Sense 7 and 6 Comparison

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Here is a video comparing the software differences between Sense 6 and Sense 7. The HTC One M9 is running Sense 7 and the One M8 is running Sense 6.
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HTC One M9 Unboxing:

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38 Comments on HTC One M9 vs One M8: Sense 7 and 6 Comparison

  1. it's the same!!! i don't see any differences i can't believe that i wasted 600 euros for a phone! htc sucks the only difference they have is the price!!!!!! It's so expensive for no reason!!!! I'm gonna buy an iphone. So much better…

  2. i really love your youtube channel becuse can help a lot in the time to buy a new cellphone and in this comparation i can say that i prefer the HTC ONE M8 becuse the M9 its almost the same thing compare to them both

  3. First of all beautiful video and perfectly shown the differences. Thanks for that. However as a very old htc sense user i don't see any big changes in the new sense ui as if it was in the old ones. I mean if we were comparing 5 with 6 or 6 with 7.. maybe.. what i'm expecting actually from sense is accessing information is always getting a little bit too complitaced notifications here and there we are subscribed to facebook , twitter , linkedin , instagram etc. I'm expecting a social hub or what i can call a unified inbox app  where we can access quickly like an inbox to all we are looking for without just swiping them away and losing them. if you think that will be a lot of database and space that will consume think again blackberry hub is doing that for years. And it's working quite perfectly. Some kind of settings changes or some launcher features here and that implemented.. hımm.. not htc style if htc has the same development team. I'm expecting more from sense. Because i got in the past.

  4. Sense 7 is great, I am using it on the M8, the only thing I don't like about Sense period is the Weather app has an issue of being wrong, an example is right now currently in my location its completely clear 74 degrees , but HTC Weather app says Thunderstorms  74 degrees -_-

    But on the official Accuweather website that HTC Weather is based off it says its clear 74 degrees. 
    As a test I added the city I am in manually and added cities around me to see, but it still says thunderstorms for all these locations.

  5. The only difference to this device is somewhat of a ui, other than that it's still the same phone. Now if having the speakers on the front new to you tat was so 2yrs ago gor me move on, u can root these devices to get all kinds of ui & themes; heck u can even get them on play store so wat makes this ? Ooooh I knw nothing it's simply recycled ♻ 

  6. You missed a lot about sense, you didn`t say anything about the theme store, or about the fact you can make a theme yourself, or that you can change pretty much everything in the way sense looks. You just talked about the stock theme and how it looks compared to the M9. And BTW that stock widget weather-clock sucks, the one from sense 4 looks better in my opinion and you still can use it.

  7. I am/loving that M9! The M7 and M8 are such great devices for real world use. The M9 seems like they took the best of the M7 and M8 and added thet new features which look like they streamline the user experience. Having the option to double tap the icon to drop the quick toggles is a nice touch so you don't have to reach up with your thumb to pull down the notification bar. Also the theme engine looks like it isn't just a gimmick feature. It seems like it is thorough and not just a quick overlay. Keep the videos coming Tim. You are helping me decide which device will be my next in a week.

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