HTC One M9 VS M8 VS M7 Official Lollipop – Speed Test

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HTC Smackdown, One M9 VS M8 VS M7 Official Lollipop 5.0.2
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31 Comments on HTC One M9 VS M8 VS M7 Official Lollipop – Speed Test

  1. This is a really stupid test. The wi fi in your house isn't static mate. It fluctuates all of the time. You have three antennae fighting over bandwidth. smh

  2. I purchased the M8 over the M9 because the M8 will let you fit a paragraph to the phone's screen size  can  have three, four, five, six  words across  in the phone's screen size and just scroll down to read , lollipop won't let you do that only kitkat  will  and the Speakers are better then the M9

  3. people fail to realize. your WI-FI is going to be the same speed on every device. the main thing that would be different is download/upload over data which would be changed by better/newer antennas.

  4. I can't update to lollipop version from setting>about>software update and it doesn't have root too.Thus my device is still 4.4.4 kit-kat. Did anyone know how to fix that?

  5. How does testing your broadband connection speed over wifi tell you anything about the phones, when they are not the lowest common denominator? Irrelevant and meaningless, I'm afraid.

  6. It looks like the new version of the HTC one m9 isn't all that!
    I think I will stick with the good old m8
    It has not let me down.
    I no be careful what you say.
    Till next time.
    See ya!

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