HTC ONE M9 vs iPhone 6/6 Plus – Full Camera Test

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An In-depth Camera comparison test between the HTC ONE M9 and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus!
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42 Comments on HTC ONE M9 vs iPhone 6/6 Plus – Full Camera Test

  1. And if you know how to use the HTC you can take really good night pics but you actually need to know how to use it plus he didn't even get into all the different cam features the HTC has plus it's hands down better resolution

  2. Um is he on Crack the m9 kicks the iPhone cams ass in everything but flash it does over expose with flash but there's a way around that don't take pics in the dark! What are you trying to take a pic of in the dark with your cellphone anyway!? If you want a good camera for night/day photography get a dedicated cam you noob

  3. Nice video by the way… Just for my opinion, you should compared it with Apple Iphone 6.. with hTC One M9… Its more fair both devices… If you want to comparing with the Apple Iphone 6 (+) PLUS, you should done it with the hTC One M9 (+) PLUS… Just shared my thought and my opinion, thanks dude.

  4. Hey guys! i would love your input! im looking for a new smartphone this summer and im tied between the both of these and camera is a deal breaker i mainly take selfies and pictures outdoors and indoors? what would you perfer?? ** I never take videos or indoor shots!

  5. En crop 100% el m9 se or fue por la milla al momento de revelar eso si es importante y no hablo nada de eso.Ni tampoco explico si ambos telefonos tienen controles manuales para lograr mejores exposiciones todavia.No hablo del bukeh tampoco.Y tampoco hablo del prog cual era mas facil de usar.Y esas fotos con flash es mal manejo del punto de Enfoque del telefono tienes Que enfocar en el area mas Clara para Que Dr la expocicion.Correcta.Amigo le falta mucho todavia a tu video.

  6. The HTC One M8 can shoot videos at up to 1080p resolution at 30fps. The camcorder features continuous autofocus and you have the option to lock the focus during video recording, if it hunts too much in dynamic scenes from gsm arena and plus I have the phone and all the reviews on the phone mkbhd Android authority PocketNow All state that it has continuous autofocus you just didn't disable lock focus in the settings like I did that's why when I film I have continuous autofocus and I don't have to double tap all the time not trying to argue I just wanted to make sure you have your facts straight

  7. The m9 fare better in daylight pics as evidenced by the contrast and detail shown. But the iPhone pull ahead in the night pics by much. Front camera and sound obviously better on the m9 while the iPhone win d video with good stabilization and exposure. I tend towards the m9 bcos I take more daylight pics and as I rarely shoot videos with my phone. Overall, they r close and I hope the m9 do better with subsequent software updates

  8. HTC One M9 rear camera is just terrible but the front facing camera is straight up amazing. The mic of HTC One M9 is pretty impressive as well but in low light situations the iPhone 6 Plus is far better. 

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