HTC One M9 VS iPhone 6 – Which Should You Buy?

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Is The HTC One M9 Better VS iPhone 6? See how these phones compare to each other. Complete comparison.

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  1. Fuck that htc camera.. 20mp yet takes pic of pathetic quality.. Iphone6 with 8mp takes better pics…. Megapixel alone doesn't matter… It's the combination of hardware and software that makes a phone great

  2. I have the Harmon kardon m8 and it wipes the floor with my buddy's iPhone 6. He's jealous of the sound this thing outputs. The iPhone 6 does have a better camera but the shots look great on a cell phone screen 

  3. i enjoy my m9. good battery life with moderate use. i took it off between 1:30 and 2pm one day and needed to put it back on charge like around 11pm the next day (with average mixed usage).  everyone who complains of battery life are heavy/power users with tons of apps installed. i am not a photographer and don't take a lot of photos and the ones i do take are good enough for me. speakers sound very good, with headphones sounds good as well. doesn't get very warm, again because i don't play games and videos all day. smudges on the back, not a problem because of case/skin. sense ui not a problem because i use 3rd party launcher. i disabled a lot of the bloatware, maybe that helps in battery life. what else, what else…………uhhhhm……….5" screen is fine. i don't like 5.5 and up phablets (although thin bezel 5.5 like g3 is about the same size as my m9 which is fine but not all phones have super thin bezels, however, i like m9 specs better than g3 specs anyway). lollipop is great. it's pretty responsive scrolling around and doing things. this is a double post on 2 different yt videos (so sue me).

  4. One thing you failed to mention is customer care. I'd rather have reliability and peace of mind knowing I can fix/exchange my iPhone in person than deal with phone support and ship my phone out for service. 

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