HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test (Detailed!)

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Which one is faster? M9 with snapdragon 810 or iPhone 6. Let’s find out

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46 Comments on HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 – Speed Test (Detailed!)

  1. IPHONE 6 (Dual core 1.4 ghz CPU with 1.2 gig of RAM, and a 326 pixel display) —vs—- HTC M9 (quad core 1.5 ghz cortex-A53 and quad core 2.0 ghz cortex A57, 3.5 ghz of RAM, and 441 pixel display).

    I went onto GSM ARENA , and it shows both phones best test scores and the tests prove this video is far from accurate. IPHONE best score (15,841) and HTC One M9 best score (19,848).

  2. my old HTC One m8 got much higher benchmark scores then the iPhone so there is no way that the iPhone could beat the HTC One m9 in a benchmark test ! I don't care how bad you want it to happen, the iPhone just doesn't have the power to compete in this race ! the m9 has the iPhone beat in every category of a bench mark test. ram , memory, battery, graphics, speed, multi tasking, ect .. the iPhone can do pretty good as far as speed when it isn't multi tasking. But that's that's ONE thing out of many that the iPhone might actually beat the m9 in.

  3. you said nothing has been changed about the HTC from the m8 to the m9, yet there were hardly any changes in the iPhone 6 other then the design they copied from HTC ! also there is no way in hell the iPhone 6 can compare to the HTC One m9 in a speed test, battery test, audio, and graphics !! the HTC has the iPhone 6 beat easily !

  4. I bought a Galaxy S6, what a mistake that was, after 2 months I couldn't take it any longer so I got a HTC M9. It doesn't overheat and runs flawlessly. The sexy build quality of the HTC One's line appeals to people like myself who could careless if there was even a camera on back at all. I almost never use it and when I do "sub-par" is good enough. It's not what the phone lacks that attracts me it's what it has. I believe HTC knows what they're doing; Aluminum, Beats, 1080p, front speakers… they chose a corner of the market and owned it.

  5. Qualcomm needs to work on single core performance. ~1600 vs ~800 is really embarrassing. You can have 8 cores but if they're really weak cores it doesn't help. I'd say they should focus on 4 stronger cores because the keep falling behind every year with the new Ax chip Apple releases. 

  6. Ridiculous test. Ofc the iphone 6 is gonna load all the games faster, because it renders much less pixels. The M9 is 1080 p compared to iphones laughable 720p. The iphone 6 also walks all over its superior brother the 6+ for exactly the same reason. Please use some freaking common sense. The raw power of the chipset was only visible during startup where the octacore and larger RAM came to bear without the disadvantage of having to render a Million more pixels

  7. Nice speed test… But next time don't cut the video so we know that it is completely fair…how can we be sure that you cleared all the recent apps on each or have the website cached on either phones… Good video though…

    Can't wait to get my m9??
    Which phone do you use as your daily driver

  8. i switched my M8 for an iphone 6 and it was the worst decision i've made, this thing is beyond boring, freezes and lags all the time, apps just force close like crazy, i dont see how anybody can seriously be a fan of this phone

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