HTC ONE M9 vs HTC ONE M8 – Speed Test (Shocking Results)

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Full In-depth Speed Test, Benchmarks and Battery Performance Test between the HTC ONE M9 and the HTC ONE M8. The results may surprise you.

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39 Comments on HTC ONE M9 vs HTC ONE M8 – Speed Test (Shocking Results)

  1. OK guys their was a new update yesterday the m9 is way better trust me if your like a snapchat user or instagram user and plays games a lot then the m9 is the phone for you good camera quality and battery so you're games would last longer (:

  2. We look here that the m8 is faster than the m9 , i will tell you why :
    The android version on this video is 5.0 , and its the factory version, this version is not optimized and its pretty laggy , i have tested many phones (i am an android devlopper) and i can tell you that the m9 on marshmallow (android 6.0) is fully optimized it get 110 000 score on antutu , and its very smooth and fast OS so i recommend you to buy an m9 and update it to marshmallow =) . The m8 is really old know , i know it was a very good phone but he is not better than the m9 and it will not update anymore =) .(Sorry for my bad english , i am french ^^)

  3. I used M8 for 2 years and this smartphone is the better smartphone i ever have. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and M7 before used the M8. Exclude the camera quality, i think M8 still the good smartphone compare the other latest 2015 smartphone even with HTC One M9+.

  4. I have HTC 612 cause I switched phone company's from straight talk cause it sucks now I have verizion and should I buy the HTC one m8 I've been looking into the m9 but from what I hear the m8 is way better than the m9 and from what I've seen its a fact that the m8 is better. leave a comment please thanks much gonna get it soon like next month or the end of this month

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