HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8: Sharper, Thicker, Squarer, Golder

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The One M9 bears more than a passing similarity to its immediate predecessor, the One M8. See exactly what’s changed (and what’s stayed the same) in our comparison video, then hop over to the full HTC One M9 review at Pocketnow to get the whole story on the newest metal flagship from HTC:

Pocketnow’s Adam Lein contributed to this comparison.

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“The Largest Aircraft Carrier in the World” via Largest Dams:

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“Brooklyn Tug Demonstrates Power of Steam” via RapidNadion:

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“Sky Gambles Air Supremacy”

“Asphalt 8: Airborne”

This review was made possible by HTC, who provided travel and lodging for our pre-release briefing. More information is…

22 Comments on HTC One M9 vs HTC One M8: Sharper, Thicker, Squarer, Golder

  1. buenas tengo un htc one m9 snapdragon 810 soy de chile y hice bootloader todo ok el problema es que mi htc dice s-on con bootloader desbloqueado y no se puede instalar recovery probe con sunshine pero no tengo root necesito instalar recovery y rootear para instalar la app dolby atmos o viper4android estoy desesperado no puedo rottear y pasar a s-off ayuda por favor

  2. the m8 is even worse it suckz ive tried it i swear m8 vs m9 ive tested m9 whooped its ass even the m9 plus is way better comes with more ghz than the m9 which i have m9 plus

  3. One step forward, two steps back. I can't fucking believe that the M8 is discontinued. If it was available, I would buy one right now, seriously no lie. If anyone knows where to buy an new unlocked M8 (no company bloatware), please message me. The best I can find on Amazon is an At&t refurbished M8; I don't want that.
    I guess this anger of mine (of me not finding an M8) is justifiable for me to not wait for an M8 to miraculously show up.
    I think I will be purchasing a Motorola Moto G in about a month if I can't find an M8.

  4. i think both of these phones are great and camera is DAMN good and all you spoiled assholes out there complaining about the phones camera or goddamn proccesor, buy ur self a REAL camera with 900 pixels or buy some space super commputer for ur games and movies…this is a phone not a camera or computer so stfu.

  5. Not interested in either of these phones, I'm just here to listen to Michael. I could watch his excellent reviews and his versus videos for hours. He makes everything sound so much more interesting. Keep up the good work!

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