HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

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Learn more about the HTC One M9. Check out our full review here:

Learn more about the Apple iPhone 6. Check out our full review of that one, too:


Apple vs iOS market share numbers are off by 5-10% (note the 2013 chart in the video above). More current figures are available here: Pocketnow regrets the error.

They’re both made of aluminum … and that’s about all they’ve got in common. Apple’s newest iPhone and HTC’s newest Android square off in a smartphone contest for the ages: join us as we pick apart everything from milliamps to megapixels.

“Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy”

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35 Comments on HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

  1. I own a m9. The two things I complain about is screen brightness and camera quality. If I had to choose, buy the S6. It's faster, lighter in weight and has the best screen resolution. As far as the iphone, I own a ipod touch 5th gen and not a fan of it's IOS when it comes to modding and customization.

  2. IPHONE SUMGUNG just for fashion is
    so expensive.i don't make the mistake getting it. if you really want a phone then get vk800x,it is really good for me,I do not need too many features

  3. I currently have an iPhone 5C (that I chose as my phone when I upgraded to it, because it only cost me $50, compared to at least $150 for either and Android or other iPhone model). I'm due to get a new phone soon. I'm not going to get the newest Android or newest iPhone because I don't care that much about getting the newest thing, I just want a good phone that won't drain my wallet. With my carrier, there's very little price difference between the iPhone 6 (now that the 6S is out) and the HTC.

    Would it be hard for me to adapt to the Android interface? This is the first Android phone that isn't so huge it's a tablet (I do not need that big of a phone, in fact I prefer it not to be huge so it can fit in my purse and pockets). Or should I stick with IOS? I don't care about the dumb Android and Apple fan arguments, it's just a god damn phone. Is it hard to switch?

    EDIT – Also, can I get a glass screen protector for the HTC, and can I get cases? I'm only seeing skin options, not cases besides ugly bulky otterboxes which i dont really need. I only need protection from scratches, mostly).

  4. i think you shoulda said buy iphone if you are rich and the m9 if yo u are someone who doesn't have that amount of money cause both phones are great iphone wins in some aspects for sure but for the price we all know who is the winner

  5. my family members have all had iphones from the 4 – the 6s, and I've had the HTC sensation, m7 and m9 and in my opinion the HTC One m9 beats the iPhone 6 on design quality, speakers, power, OS etc.

  6. Htc türkiye, çok kötü, her sorunu servise atıp, sizinle dalga geçer gibi bide mail atıyor.memnun kaldinizmi diye? telefon guzel ama Htc türkiye' ye yolunuz düşerse telefondan nefret edersiniz.

  7. i have iPhone but since u use m8 i prefer htc… boom sound performance also is not that issue for me build quality is ok…then the sd card slot and value for money as well…

  8. Iphone is simple yet restricted,
    Android is complex (by a minute amount if you can work a phone) yet free.
    Its like Russia(Iphone) vs America(Android)… which one do you prefer over your 'lyfe'

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